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Product backlogs can be a challenging and time-consuming aspect of product development, especially when trying to stay connected with ever-changing customer needs. At Tanagra, we recognise the challenges product owners face and the potential impact it can have on productivity, delivery risk, and employee satisfaction. That's why we're excited to offer a solution that can help product owners create and communicate  effective product backlog items with ease.

Our AI  is designed to be an agile coach, providing guidance and recommendations to product owners every step of the way, ask it to explain practices, provide guidance on next steps and even ideas on how to run your working sessions, great when time is short and the creative juices aren't there.

By using our interactive chat bot interface, users can get revisions and improvements to their backlog items, help to split down the large difficult work into smaller, more deliverable pieces, and define clear descriptions of how to test that the goals have been achieved.

As product owners use our tool, it learns more about their domain, style, and needs then tailors its responses to provide the most personalised experience possible.

This means that with every interaction, our tool gets better and better at providing customised support to product owners.

Looking forward, we have some exciting roadmap items that will further enhance the product backlog process.

For example, our toolset will offer a summary of changes to the backlog if users want to know what happened over a specific period, such as a day, week or the even the entire program.

Additionally, our tool will have the ability to scan for duplicate work not just on the user's backlog but on others too.

This can help streamline the product development process and reduce delivery risk.

We also plan to connect our tool to customer support channels so that product owners can receive notifications about product improvements and bugs directly from the customer.

This will help businesses stay connected to their customers and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Imagine the joy when that customer receives a personalised message telling them that you've implemented their feature or fixed that bug! This will help the Net Promoter Score (NPS) soar and with it, sales.

At Tanagra, we're committed to providing users with the best tools and resources to help them succeed.

With our AI product backlog tool, we believe we can revolutionise the way product owners create effective product backlog items and streamline the product development process.

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Chat GPT  does a pretty good job, but without training by experts it's just...OK
Our solution is trained to be great and built to learn.

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