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Building a better backlog

Sign up now for early access to our AI Product Coach and take your product creation process to the next level! Our revolutionary tool automates the creation of user stories from your product descriptions, helps split stories into smaller, manageable chunks, and creates clear, user-friendly acceptance criteria and BDD test scripts.

our AI is optimised around agile ways of working and will learn with you, constantly improving.

integrating with your product management tools, your coach is always on hand to help you to be as effective as possible, and do the important work of understanding the product needs and working with a team to deliver, instead of days of backlog writing.

Say goodbye to confusing and time-consuming product creation, and hello to fast, easy and effective development.

Register your interest now and be one of the first to try our AI Product Coach!

Jira Plugin coming soon...

Get ready for launch

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Well done, you are one step closer to an awesome product, we'll let you know when we are ready for you. it wont be long!



User Stories

Get your user stories on point with the AI Product Coach! This amazing tool gives you the power to create the best product backlog ever. It analyzes your user stories and works with you for a super-charged version with clear explanations of the improvements. And if you want to make changes, just ask the AI! It's like having a personal coach for your product backlog.

Building user stories has never been easier. Get the best version of your ideas with the AI Product Coach.


Story Splitting

Our AI-powered tool breaks down the big ideas into user-focused stories with you.

The AI takes care of the heavy lifting, turning overwhelming epics into clear, actionable stories, always with the customer in mind. Plus, you can chat with the AI for more information and clarification. Say goodbye to frustration, and let the AI Coach make your product development process a breeze.



Acceptance Criteria

Elevate your acceptance criteria with the AI Product Coach. Say farewell to confusing criteria and welcome clear and user-friendly ones. The AI transforms your user stories by providing acceptance criteria that are simple to comprehend and ready for implementation.

And, you can easily chat with the AI for further information and clarification. Let the AI Coach simplify your life and clarify your acceptance criteria.

Get started now and achieve outstanding acceptance criteria with the AI Product Coach

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